Flexound Systems Team
Finns are quiet and introverted people. Not this lot. They're also bursting with creative crazy ideas from drinking all that coffee and spending their free time in the forests...

The Board

Flexound Systems Board represents three continents: North America, Europe and Asia.
The Board is loaded with international business experience and wide networks.


Markku Vauhkonen, Chairman of the Board 2014-

MSc (Econ), AMP (Harvard); CEO of Trafotek Oy. Previously e.g. DeLaval, Fortum, strong industry and Asian experience. Markku is a Shareholder of Flexound Systems Oy. Contact at: markku@flexound.com.

Jeff Hua Bi, Member of the Board 2015-

MBA (University of Colorado), MSc (Beijing University). Founder and Chairman of the Board at Greatview Aseptic Packaging Ltd.. Native Chinese with strong track record in commercial and financial affairs. Jeff is a Shareholder of Flexound Systems Oy. Contact: jeff@flexound.com.

Sameli Lähdesmäki, Member of the Board 2018-

Executive Team

The Flexecutives. What more can you say..

Mervi Heinaro, CEO

MSc (Econ.), MA (Development Studies). Previously e.g. McKinsey & Company, Metsä Tissue, Baltic Beverages Holding, Esperi Care, Valtra; Mervi is a Shareholder of Flexound Systems Ltd. Contact her at mervi@flexound.com or +358 40 553 1000. Read more about Mervi.

Jukka Linjama, CTO

PhD, Acoustics and Vibration. Previously e.g. Nokia, VTT, Senseg. Jukka is a Shareholder of Flexound Systems Ltd. Contact him at jukka@flexound.com or +358 40 512 4119. Read more about Jukka.

Tommi Immonen, COO

Engineer. Previously e.g. Elesco/Ahlstrom, Helsingin Hihna, Nextrom. Tommi is a Shareholder of Flexound Systems Ltd. Contact him at tommi@flexound.com or +358 40 715 7785. Read more about Tommi.

Its all about the execution.